Technical Difficulties

Sorry it´s been such a long time since we´ve posted, and that it´s going to be a long time before we post again. 

We´ve generally been having a pretty great time, checking out Buenos Aires, and a good part of the Argentine coast including colonies of parrots, three kinds of cormorants, two kinds of penguins, Southern sea lions, and elephant seals.  The roads have plenty of guanacos (pretty antelopes) and rheas (little ostriches) and various other birds.  We also saw a beautiful petrified wood forest.

Not all has been perfect.  We were assured weeks ago by a US agent of Alamo/National that the car would come with permissions to drive into Chile and Paraguay.  It didn´t, and we´ve been trying to get that permission to reach us before the border.  Because of the interminable holiday season, it seems that won´t happen, and we´ll fly to Ushuaia from Rio Gallegos instead.

And things have been even more dodgy since our car was broken into in Trelew, and a few random things stolen from the interior.  The most annoying thing taken was the power adapter to the computer, without which it has been impossible to save pictures from the cameras and track logs from the GPS, and to post certain long thoughts about Buenos Aires which have already been written offline.  A few other items taken included our binoculars, a Camelbak, and the cigarette lighter AC inverter, but these are less crucial or more easily replaced.

There is hope.  Ray´s cousin bought a new AC adapter in an Apple Store in Key West yesterday, and will bring it to us on Wednesday as the cruise begins.  So we only have to get through the next four days without the computer.   (Until then, we can communicate with the iPhone wherever there´s WiFi, which is lots of places.)

But as the cruise begins, the connectivity ends.  There is super-expensive Internet on the boat, which we will use quite sparingly if at all.  So there won´t be much more news soon, but we´re doing fine, and mostly having a great time.

Have a happy New Year!