Technical Difficulties, continued

The Lindblad tour people had a day of activities planned for everyone who flew here from Chile but the VOR at the Ushuaia airport broke two days ago and it isn´t fixed yet (though they expect it will be fixed this afternoon).  So all flights to and from Ushuaia are being diverted to Rio Grande, about four hours away by bus.

Instead of meeting at 11:30 and going on a catamaran cruise of the channel, we’ll hang around the B&B and get picked up at 4:45 when their bus arrives.  And another guest has a power adapter, so we can recharge our computer once, today.

On Monday we went on a really nice walk up to the town glacier.  I suspect it used to be much larger.  On the way back, we found another cute town trail through the woods, with a golf-ball-sized fungus all over the place called “Indian bread”.

Monday afternoon we discovered the list of stuff we were supposed to have brought, and spent most of Tuesday walking around obtaining it.  We were able to rent waterproof boots and pants, so we don’t have to cart them all over Argentina, and have them sit in our closets when we get home never being used.  But it will be nice to have them when getting out of a Zodiac into icy water.

As we rented the waterproof stuff, a kid from Houston walked into the shop who had just gotten off the Endeavor, and assured us that we’re going to have a great trip.  We’ll let you know how it goes, perhaps via satellite from the boat, or for sure when we get back here a week from Sunday.