Quote of the Day

“I don’t expect them to care, but I do expect them to pretend to care.”

–Jean, a fellow traveler on the Antarctica cruise.  Lindblad or LAN Chile lost her luggage at the beginning of the trip.  Rachel, Lindblad’s expedition assistant, seemed to spend more time batting the blame about than in solving the problems that this commonplace mishap causes in Antarctica particularly.  Although the Endeavour has waterproof boots aboard, they don’t stock such items as thermal underwear, even though lost luggage happens on most tours.

We happened to be talking about this because our large green suitcase went missing between the boat and the dock.  It showed up later at the airport and was delivered to a restaurant, where we retrieved it.

But we’re back from Antarctica.  Jean had to depend on the kindness of strangers for her fundamental survival outfitting.  Dave said “at least she wouldn’t have to do laundry when she gets home”.

“Pretending to care” sounds like the basis of a Dogbert motivational poster.