A Wedding in Berlin

I suppose it is done, in 2017, to review the parties of your friends, or indeed your friends themselves, as if they were public places on TripAdvisor.  I personally don’t even “like” Facebook things, so I sure am not going to give any hints of what you missed by not attending Thomas and Bibo’s wedding party.  They had previously got married in Denmark, which apparently is the Nevada of the European Union: Denmark doesn’t require waiting periods as Germany does.  What’s that for?  Cooling off, like buying a ticket on Expedia, or a house or a car?  Getting CE approval — did you know that the C E symbol on things like airplanes and beer steins doesn’t stand for anything?  It’s just a logo.

Anyway, I do want to assure Thomas and Bibo that I never say anything at parties, not even my own (especially my own).  It’s why I never hire a caterer, I want there to be something to do that doesn’t involve being around a whole bunch of people, which upsets me deeply.  Therefore you don’t need to wonder if I am having a good time.

Dave isn’t like this, or maybe he’s less like it than I am.  Dave was talking more.

Perhaps with subtitles it would have been easier,  but no, then there would be less excuse not to talk.  Robert Gibbs told me that extroverts gain energy from people.  I must be the one they take it away from.  I also go to sleep early, before they pull away the table for dancing.  There were a lot of interesting people there, largely from the art community, but from everywhere else, too.  A fellow who had just taken his kids to Ethiopia.  An American lady who advises artists on their careers.  A lady from near Hamburg who plays in a punk band, and whose art is currently getting people to create art with each other.

The cake was served before dinner.  That was interesting.  Afterwards came salads and soups, and then beef and smoked salmon, just out of the smoker which was smoldering in the driveway.  There was a box that brought beer to the correct temperature, as it flowed out of the keg.

In the morning we stopped by but everyone was gone but a couple of folks who had just awakened.  It wasn’t that bad a mess, considering 200 people had been there drinking and eating.  Long life to you until then, as W.S. Gilbert said.  We left a note in the guestbook.