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3/15/2018 Woodside, CA
3/16-17 weekend party in Dutch Flat, CA
3/19 friend in Dublin, Ireland
3/20-22 friends in Munich, Germany
3/23-24 explore Ljubljana, Slovenia
3/25-30 Dave goes to work:
3/25-3/30       Kiev, Ukraine
3/25-30 Ray tours elsewhere:
3/25       friends in Skopje, Macedonia
3/26       friends in Craiova, Romania
3/27       friends in Bucharest, Romania
3/28-29       explore Nessebar, Bulgaria
3/30       explore Sofia, Bulgaria
3/31-4/2 friends in Berlin, Germany
4/3-4 work in Szczecin, Poland
4/5-4/7 concert and friends in Paris, France
4/8-9 explore Cologne, Germany
4/10-11 friends in Hamburg, Germany
4/12 friend plays concert in Malmö, Sweden
4/13 friend plays concert in Kristianstad, Sweden
4/14 explore Aarhus, Denmark
4/15-16 explore Lübeck, Germany
4/17-18 explore and concert in Brussels, Belgium
4/19 change planes in Dublin, Ireland
4/19 sleep in Orlando, FL
4/20-22 friend in Port-au-Prince, Haiti
4/23-25 explore Cap-Haitien, Haiti
4/26-28 wedding in Wilmington, NC
4/29 friend in Durham, NC
4/30 friends in Asheville, NC
5/1-2 cousin in Knoxville, TN
5/3-5 friends in Reston, VA
5/6 friends in Annapolis, MD
5/7 home in Woodside