The Iceman Resteth

Sorry we haven’t posted for awhile. It’s difficult to get to the internet reliably when you are dealing with a primitive people, in particular the managers at Dreamhost, who contrived to be offline to us yesterday (“DNS problems”). It cost a Euro to find that out, too.

We had a Perfect Day In Venice, with a really nice hotel, and a great fish restaurant advertising “No Lasagna No Pizza No Menu Turistico”.

Then we drove to San Genesio, a little village in the Alps foothills not far but quite a bit higher than the small city of Bolzano. It is the most charming place in the world, and we’re staying at a very charming hotel with the best possible view out of our room. We went on a 6 mile hike yesterday, marveling at all the slightly different wildflowers, and horses with blond manes. Today we saw the iceman at the museum who was dug up in 1991, amazingly preserved for 5300 years in the ice.

Our parking pass expires in a few minutes, so we’ll leave it at that for now. We’ll drive back up the hill and go on another hike, to try to help metabolize the wonderful Austrian food we’re eating (technically, we’re in Italy, but culturally, it’s completely Austria. Everything is completely bilingual, which doesn’t leave room for English).

Tomorrow we’ll drive through the Alps to Lombardia, for a slightly different view, and slightly different hikes.