A Quick Note

So what can I say in 19 minutes?

Oslo was rad. Mostly rainy but the sun came out the last day and made for nice photos at the Gustav Vigeland sculpture park. The day before we went to the Emmanuel Vigeland mausoleum, a large dark room with fascinating paintings, and spent the afternoon hanging out with our wonderful host fixing a large dinner for several people.

We flew back south, landing in southern France. We spent a day driving through the Camargue, where we walked around an ornithological park. It was flamingo season and hundreds of them were obediently hanging out in only the ponds where you had to pay five euro admission to see. There were many other interesting waterbirds, and we saw a couple colorful bee-eaters as a bonus. We found a place to have dinner in Montpellier before driving on to Versols, where we stayed in a medieval castle repurposed as a bed and breakfast by a couple who got tired of the Paris city life. We wonder who bought their company. Our GPS insisted in us taking all these tiny roads to get there, instead of the freeway.

The quest of the next day led us to the town of Roquefort where they make the cheese — we stopped by our favorite supplier and found out where they ship in the US: there´s a place in Alameda we can try to get it from. Meanwhile we bought plenty to have as car food. Then it was on to a few more castles and a park of interestingly sculptured rocks, where we got some exercise before a nice dinner in Millau, a small city which is completely dominated by a modern wonder of the world, the Viaduc de Millau, an ultra-modern suspension bridge.

Now we´ve driven south to Figueras, where we just visited the Dali Museum, which defied two attempts to visit when we were here in 1997. And tonight, we have reservations at El Bulli, which we´ll report on soon.