Boy Band

Viennese ticket agents lie like CB radio.  (about ten years ago somebody told me the Internet lied like CB radio.  I don’t know how CB radio lies but the transitive property holds.)  They tell you that with their special 44 euro tickets you will be able to see the Vienna Boys Choir sing a Schubert mass in F in the Chapel but actually they are four floors up and you can only hear them.  It’s a mass, after all.  You’re supposed to be looking at God, and not his manifestation in the choir.  The acoustics of the chapel are about like a bus station which is OK for singers and fortunately makes sermons unintelligible, even if you spoke Austrian or Latin.  So don’t expect to be able to see anything except when they run across the altar and take a bow.

It must be harder to be a Boys Choir prodigy than any other kind of prodigy in the world.  At least John Stuart Mills and Taylor Eigsti and McCauley Culkin had some hope of being able to carry on as adults, but with VBC you’re guaranteed impermanence, the Church of Rome having given up Interventions of that sort a little over a century ago.