There are more than 1000 photos of our trip to Italy and Tunisia (including about 100 desktops). I'm sorry we didn't do a better job of editing them. Anyway, they're organized in such a way that you can easily skim the surface, and drill down into any area which seems particularly interesting.

The pictures are organized into four "levels": If you have a slow connection, open the place pages you're interested in, and just scroll to see all of the pictures. Click on any that look interesting to see them closer up.

If you have a fast connection and a large display, it's possible to see all of the pictures in a large size simply by clicking on the topmost picture displayed on each page that comes up. (If you have a small display, such as a laptop, the large pictures won't entirely fit without scrolling.)

Every page has links shown at the top to let you jump back to the trip page, the country page, or the place page.


A new feature for this trip is "sidebar" pages. Many of the pictures have been hidden on sidebar pages which aren't part of the main flow. The only way to find them is to click a link like "More decor around Palermo..." which appears at the end of a caption on a picture. After you look at the photos on the sidebar page, there'll be a link to return to the photo following the one whose caption led you to the sidebar.

Visiting a "sidebar" preserves the same style of navigation you're using: if you access a sidebar from a "place page", you'll see the sidebar page; if you access it from a page with a large picture, you'll see the first large picture in the sidebar.

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