Hi!  We are on a quick trip around the world.  The itinerary is shown at the right.

It started off just as a cruise out of Fiji to see the total solar eclipse on November 14, on the Paul Gauguin, on which we saw the eclipse near Pitcairn Island in 2005.

Then, when we were in Port Douglas earlier this year, we missed the opportunity to go snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef because it was too windy.  They suggested late October as the perfect time, and we decided we’d stop in Australia on the way to Fiji and give it another try.

Then, we found out that a German artist we’d met in Perth was using a picture of us as the promo poster for his next exhibition, and that this exhibition was in Germany close to some of our friends, and that it happened on Ray’s 60th birthday.  So we decided we’d have to stop in Germany on the way to Australia and Fiji.

The cheapest flight from the West Coast to Frankfurt is on Icelandair from Seattle, with a layover in Reykjavik.  So we decided we’d have a party in Seattle with many of our friends and relatives, many of whom are also coming on the cruise, and that we’d spend a few days exploring Iceland.

It’s interesting how travel planning can work.