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Desert Eclipse Expedition

After being dropped off in Agadez, we joined up with the next expedition. I had found Gavin Bate, an Irish guy who runs expeditions all over the world, including the Air Mountains in Niger. I suggested to Gavin that he do an expedition for the eclipse, and Gavin went with the idea. They found a local tour operator to find seven reliable Land Cruisers, scoped out the area, and signed up 21 people mostly from Ireland, England, and the US to go.

The Places
Dave has organized the pictures for this expedition a little differently — they're not as chronological as usual. This section is fairly chronological, however, containing pictures which illustrate the specific landscapes of the places we went. More pictures...
The Camping Trip
These pictures illustrate the people on the trip, and scenes from typical days. More pictures...
Desert Creatures
More pictures...
Desert Photography
These are pictures of really pretty scenery. More pictures...

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