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Making Plans for Niger

February 14th, 2006 7:37 pm by Dave

By now, you’ve probably received an e-mail letting you know that the pictures we took on this trip have finally been posted here. There are about a thousand pictures, but many of them are hidden in little cul-de-sacs which you can get to only by clicking on links like “More doors from the Tunis Medina”. The files underlying the large desktop files are also 1600 pixels wide, so they’ll look nicer if you use them.

And you’ve probably heard that we’re about to leave on another trip, which has its own log here. We can’t continue to use this one because the picture at the top would be wrong. As it says, we won’t be posting very often — there aren’t a lot of Internet connections in West Africa. We’ll do our best.

See you there!

–Dave and Ray