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06/02/2004: "Back to Work"

Well, the vacation in Sharm el-Sheikh is over, and we're back to the hard work of checking out ruins and museums and stuff in Luxor. Yesterday we were hotel-less for awhile -- we checked out in the morning, went on an "all-day" snorkelling trip to Ras Mohammed National Park, which had actual goldfish in their native environment, an eel, a dolphin swimming with many of the guests ("he has quite a willie"), and lots and lots of beautiful tropical fish swimming around a dying coral reef ("the reefs were much nicer in Eilat [Israel]" "When was that?" "Five years ago"). Then we had dinner, picked up our luggage, and went to the airport for the trip on EgyptAir on a plane marked Air Cairo which seemed to be new enough that we weren't too scared to get on it.

We're at the Hilton in Luxor, an aging out-of-the-way hotel which nonetheless is very nice. (Orbitz! $40! Yay!) Re FSOJ Tourism, the Hotel Breakfast Serves FSOJ! Even with a refill! We've got our pretty tickets for Saturday's train to Cairo, so now we can just trade off seeing ruins and staying out of the 100-degree heat. After this brief Internet Cafe session, we'll check out the hopefully air-conditioned Luxor Museum.

Luxor has so many things to see -- the Luxor Temple, the Karnak Temple, the Valley of the Kings, the Theban antiquities -- it'll be hard to figure out what to do in only three days. I'm sure we'll manage somehow.