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06/28/2004: "Sometimes You Find What You're Looking For"

(and sometimes you don't -- we're in an Internet Cafe in Lausanne, the Y and Z are switched -- it's a QWERTZ keyboard -- and many other keys are in the wrong place. "at" isn't above 2, it's to the right -- I have to ask what shift keys I need to use to type it)

Anyway, the two excellent dinners were world-class French food. What they weren't was Lyonnais. Today we had lunch at a "bouchon" which serves Lyonnais food which turns out mostly to be various parts of cows covered by mustard -- stomach, intestine, brains, whatever. In the "salad" consisting of some of these, the meats were textural, and only the mustard had flavor. In the "sausage" version, there were some organs which had some actual flavor, but I finished it anyway. Much nicer was the pike "quenelle", kind of like a fish souffle.

We watched a bunch of kids skateboarding near a huge statue wearing roller skates, and then returned to our car parked on the "Boheme - Boris" floor of the Opera parking garage.

Now we're in Lausanne, Switzerland, after paying 30 euro for the privilege of letting Hertz' car drive on Switzerland's highways for the rest of the year. We went to the tourist information downtown, got a map, and decided to wander around looking for two things -- the FSOJ we hadn't gotten this morning, and the Internet so we can hook up with a friend for dinner tomorrow. We must have walked for an hour, watching stores close, even watching two places with FSOJ close, when, up an empty street, I saw a sign "Cyber Cafe & Juice Bar". Yay!

Tomorrow we'll check out some of Lausanne's billions of museums, including the Art Brut museum. Then I'll find out what Art Brut is...

the art brut museum is having an exposition of writings by crazy people, maybe we can enter --ray